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Nothing to Wear!

What’s a girl to do?!  Summer is in full swing and all I can find to wear are sweaters and long sleeved shirts!  I’ve NOTHING to wear. Why should you care?  Because I am going to blog about how I solve this lovely problem.


  1. Five-S my closet  (Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain)
  2. Evaluate gaps in clothing needs (what’s missing?)
  3. Design & Sew clothes


  • Total Duration: June – September
  • Total Projects: TBD based on closet evaluation & available resource hours
  • Total Resources: one (just FuFu)
  • Resource Availability: 10 – 20%
  • Materials: Clothing, Fabric, Patterns, Notions

The Closet

First, I will remove everything from the closet section by section.  I will sort all the clothing into piles (keep, donate, rags, unsure).  As part of Five-S, you must first remove everything, then put back only that which is used or absolutely needed!

Criteria for removal:

  • If it has been there since last summer
  • not been worn more than a few times last summer

I find there are articles of clothing I love and wear over and over again. I used to stress that some nasty person at work would tell me, “You wore that yesterday.”  But, have come to realize, who the HELL cares? It’s MY life and I’m going to wear what makes me happy!

Design & Sew The Clothes

I’ve a room full of craft crap and fabric supplies. Now what the heck am I going to do about it? Let it sit there & rot? Um, no. My supplies are delicious to the touch and most make me happy just looking, or yes fondling the fabrics. Don’t tell me you haven’t fondled EVERY thing on the rack before buying – even with clothes. (You do, even when you think no one’s watching, you do.)

I also happen to have some amazing vintage and contemporary patterns. I must make use of them or pass them along to someone who will. For what is the point in having something if you don’t USE it!? I’m tired of collecting and buying. I want people to SEE the fabulous creations I design. And, more excitingly I want to energize you into making something for yourself!

Design Steps
  • Looking at favorites, I will determine an overall wardrobe which will suit me for a 2-4 weeks. I feel that will allow me enough rotation for the season without feeling like I have to do laundry all the time so I don’t wear the same thing twice in one week.
  • Next, I will determine if there’s a gap – more cardigans? more T’s? What basics are necessary? Do I have enough pants?
  • Next, I will determine what styles/patterns I want to make and which fabrics to use. I will determine if there are any necessary notions or linings that I must purchase before I start the project. In this case, a project is defined as 1 article of clothing, start to finish.
  • Then, I will execute said projects one at a time. The goal is to have a finished article to wear for the summer season. As such, it is more important to finish each project before moving on.

I LOVE to start new things. So, this will be a great and fun challenge for me.  I usually allow myself a great deal of freedom in one area of my life where I can start and not finish things to my heart’s content. But, that my dear’s is not what I’m creating as a rule for this particular challenge. Limitation, which spurns creativity, is one of my self imposed limitations.


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