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Handspun Art

Thanks to the chilly and, well, yes thanks too to the rather stressful days, I’ve taken to spinning yarn more.  It really is such a great stress reliever.  Plus, I find great joy in watching the color transitions and seeing how the fiber turns into a yarn, be it single or plied.  I’ve learned how to spin using the Long Draw method via a Ravelry Post with this video embedded:

As a result, my first skein of merino where I attempted Long Draw.
It’s really fun. Plus, any fiber from Becoming Art is worth trying. Lisa has such a fun color sense.

This makes me think of Ballykissangel, Ireland, Pubs, Foxes, and St Paddy’s day.  It’s actually called Mermaid. I really think it’s interesting, though a bit more wild & green than I expected.  What shall I make of it?  The yarn hasn’t spoken to me yet, so you have an opportunity to comment and add your 2¢!

I bet if you drank enough beer in a BallyK pub a wee mermaid would perch on the rim of your glass and tell you a wee tale!

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Jenny B Cloche

Jenny B Cloche

This sweet little hat was made with love for a co-worker who recently lost all her hair due to Chemo.  It was fun to make and surprise her.  She put it on as soon as I gave it to her and wore it all day. 🙂  It was really fun walking by a conference room and seeing a bright purple head, knowing I helped to bring a bit of warmth and sunshine into someone’s life.

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Dread.Full FuFu Wordle’s

I just discovered Wordle, a cool .  As an artist, I find it fascinating!

Below are a couple examples.  The differences are rather interesting aren’t they?  Why not make one of your own blog or twitter feed?

Wordle: Dreadfullfufu Twitter

Dreadfullfufu Twitter Wordle


Dreadfullfufu Blog Wordle

>> Wordle <<

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Seymore Crow

2009-10-20 knit, sew, craft

Seymore’s cute, isn’t he?

I’m entering a pumpkin decorating / carving contest in the office. I found this squash at the grocery store – just your average butternut, but the neck was so long it reminded me of a bird. So, I grabbed some Martha glitter, pipe cleaners, construction paper, black feathers and glue and off I went.

2 hours later… Seymore was born.  He still needs a gummy worm or two fallin out his mouth.  I wanted to give the impression that he’s harumph’d down in a pout waiting for momma to feed him… wings flappin and all.

What do you think? Like ‘im or lump ‘im?

…I thought he was fun to make. 😉

10/21 update: Seymore Crow won 3rd place!

Hooray for the lil’ cutie even if he is a lil’ pouty.

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Leafy Fall Progress

In my last post, you saw my sketch of velveteen jacket, cap, & fingerless gloves.

Well, here’s what I’ve accomplished thus far. I’m really pleased. They’re super soft and very cute!

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Autumn Outerwear

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….. Ouch!

What the…?! Aww, how cute.

That my friends was the creative bug biting me in the bum!

I’m inspired now to knit the Leaf Beret, Green Thumb Fingerless Gloves, and the Indygo Junction Trench Topper (view 1).  The knit objects will be made of a lovely Silk Merino by Yarns Northwest in a Sky Blue.

As a result of finding the right yarn for the hat & gloves, I’ve discovered an interest in making my olive velveteen coat again.  I’ve had this fabric for 5 years now.  I bought it at Haberman’s in Royal Oak, a suburb of Detroit, on a business trip.  It’s so soft I find myself petting it as I walk by. Hmm… just like in the store.

Well, I’ve been spinning and knitting like crazy with little patience to sit and sew.  Odd, huh? You’d think knitting/spinning would require more patience than sewing.  But, I go through phases.  Sometimes it’s knitting/fibers and nothing else.  Other times, nothing but sewing will do.  And still others, it’s back to the drawing board.

But right now, it’s all about finishing projects.  I find I’m especially inspired to finish a project I bought the yarn specifically for.  So, rather than buying yarn, then finding a pattern, blah blah… you totally know what I’m talking about don’t you my knitting nuts?  Such a challenge when you buy the yarn first!  Well, now that I have yarn to go with the projects, it’ super easy to kick off and push to complete.  There are no mental “loose ends” of, “If I don’t have enough…” or “Is gauge ok…” or “Will it look good in this yarn…”  I’m already 35% done with the hat and I just started a few days ago.  I’d say that’s an accomplishment in and of itself.

One other thing I’d like to mention is that I don’t know if I’d have felt mentally ready to accept new garments into my closet if I hadn’t already gone through my 5S-ing. While I haven’t posted results (2 car loads full of stuff to GW & VV), my mind & closet are open to new possibilities rather than stuck in old fashion or ways of dressing.  It’s quite a lovely feeling to know that cleaning & eliminating helps kick off the creative process or rather urges the creative bug to bite! 😉

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