On with the music, and up pops FuFu!

Life without dance is like life without breathing.  From the time her feet could wiggle to the beat, FuFu has been dancing.  New tap shoes?  This little girl tapped her way through every aisle of the gift show!  Ballet, Tap, and Jazz were her early childhood friends.  In her teens, Paula Abdul and Madonna infiltrated her Jazz dance performances.  In her early twenties, her mom introduced her to belly dancing and Puerto Rican friends to Meringue.  Life was never quite the same after that.

Performing in Detroit, Cincinnati, and Seattle, she has entertained audiences with her unique belly dance style from traditional to Belly-Hip-Hop.  She has been a part of two different troupes, the QP Dolls duet, and many, many solo performances.  Never the same thing twice, FuFu is reinvents her costumes and creates new fusions of dance for each performance.  She’s danced as a Pirate Queen, a Bond Girl, the Madd Hattress, and has many  more wild ideas brewing for her next performance!  Not only does she dance, but she is the designer and creator of her costumes.  She does like to use dance fashions from other amazing designers, but makes an effort to create 50% or more of every costume.  Costuming is as much fun to her as dancing is!

While she adores Belly Dance, she also is an accomplished Latin and Rhythm dancer.  Some have told her she dances as though her “tierra” is somewhere in the islands or in South America.  In 2006, she happened upon a Friday social dance at a Ballroom Dance Studio.  From there, she discovered the joy of learning as many Latin & Rhythm dances possible before competing in the studio’s annual dance competition.  Through the guidance and strong lead of her instructor, she took 16 first place and 4 second.  In 2009, she’s very much looking forward to competing at Seattle Star Ball!  As part of the new fun, she’ll be learning the “softer” side of ballroom dance — the Ballroom dances!

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