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Be Yourself, Be Passionate

Many people over the years have spoken to me in awe of my singing voice.  I can hold my own in a lot of musical situations, but I am far from excellent.  I am however, passionate.  I enjoy singing to entertain people.  That and feeling the passion of the notes and lyrics as I sing them bring me great joy.

More often than not, music moves me to tears.  It is so beautiful that I am overcome with intense emotion.  I am especially moved when ordinary people believe in themselves and their abilities and sing in spite of what the world may think of them.  I don’t watch TV very often, usually it’s BBC stuff when I do watch, and I don’t typically watch things like “American Idol” or “Britain’s Got Talent”.  But, the first time I heard Susan Boyle, I was moved to tears.  I’m welling up as I write this.  That quirky, funny, and sassy woman got up on stage and gave it everything she had.  And she didn’t let anyone dampen her mood either.  Then, to hear the voice kept inside her ordinary body was like hearing the sound of the universe for the first time.

Recently, a friend recommended I listen to William Hung.  I know nothing about him, but went searching for video.  I found this post on YouTube of “You Raise Me Up”.  And you know what?  I’m touched.  He is so true and so genuine in his voice and his performance.  He is just himself.  I think he is very brave and that his performance is beautiful.


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