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Spring has Sprung

“Once I was a sentimental thing, threw my heart away each spring.  Now a spring romance hasn’t got a chance.  Promised my first dance to winter.  All I’ve got to show’s a splinter for my little fling. Spring this year has got me feeling ….”
Here’s the Ella version.  But what I know best is Bette’s version.

It’s such a sad song.  But I always think of it when I think of spring.  Maybe because I actually give my heart away to spring and am grateful that I can come out of my winter hibernation.  I really feel myself wake up as the days get lighter.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore evenings spent tucked in creating (spinnning, knitting, sewing, drawing…).  But those goofy shows like, Sound of Music, with Maria twirling atop the hills singing to the world… yeah, that’s me in spring.  Except you’ll often find me in my garden or capturing the joyful blossoms of spring with my camera.

In fact, that’s what I’d like to share with you.  I’ve been on some amazing journeys down photo lane.  How am I so lucky that I am finally able to capture the essence of a moment with my camera?

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Knitting Again, but Rotini No More!

Guess what!? I’ve caught the knitty bug again! It has been a year and a half, maybe more, since I’ve even had the heart to pick up knitting needles. In college I was obsessive about knitting. I knit hats for everyone’s new born babies. I even knit my way through Six Sigma training. Now, that is so “odd” for anyone to even “do” something crafty at my workplace – it’s ULTRA conservative. You’re thinking – whoa, this girl conservative? No way! Way. But, only at work.

Anyway – the last year has been very depressing, oppressive, and sad for me. My body filled itself with pains; I seriously couldn’t knit – my hands, arms, and shoulders would just ache. So, I sewed. It was one of my ways to “get through” my rough times and know that I was capable of so much more!

How much do I love the Scarf Style book? Let me count the ways….
Well, I loved the Rotini-esque design of “Ruffles” by Amanda B. Brown. Mom & I decided to have a competition to see who could finish the scarf first. We both LOVE Noro yarns, especially the silk garden – such color!

So, we began. Both starting off at an even pace. But, Mom & Dad had a nasty employee pulling tricks and attempting to pull the “wool” over their eyes (didn’t plan that pun!) . Mom was trying to “get through” (knitting is such therapy) and knit like a fiend on Ruffles while my life got crazy in other ways and the pain took over. So, shortly after we started, she finished! She has a lovely scarf in denim and olive (I chose rose and olive). But, now here I am a year later, with a 75% complete scarf that I’m bored knitting.

Since I caught the knitty bug, I’ve been visiting the last years worth of In fact, I started listening to Cast-On. I just adore that podcast. I feel like we’re good friends chatting in her living room. Both Cast-On and CraftyPod are such well made podcasts that I have been inspired to create my own. So, beginning in January, I’ll start casting!

But, I digress! Cast-On mentioned Clapotis and I had to go check it out and re-discover what it looked like. Oh yeah! I loved that when it came out! So, what did I do? I just took a bunch of photo documentation of the work I put into Ruffles and ripped it all out on the way to Dim Sum for Auntie Janice’s birthday. It felt good to rip. I ripped for several reasons:
1) I didn’t want to purchase any more yarn – 7 drawers is plenty – hoarding is not a national sport, yet!
2) I heart Noro Silk Garden
3) I adore my pashmina scarves and this is what Clapotis represents.

I’ll be knitting my way through China. So, I’ll take pictures of my knitting along the way. Ooo – this scarf will get to meet the Great Wall! Now, I’ll just ned to contain myself to ONE project at a time while in China. I mean, they have HOLES in the ground for toilets. I am SO not going to have any open chances for droppage. Wish me luck – I’m a really great squatter. Hope I don’t pee on my pant legs.

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