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Spring has Sprung

“Once I was a sentimental thing, threw my heart away each spring.  Now a spring romance hasn’t got a chance.  Promised my first dance to winter.  All I’ve got to show’s a splinter for my little fling. Spring this year has got me feeling ….”
Here’s the Ella version.  But what I know best is Bette’s version.

It’s such a sad song.  But I always think of it when I think of spring.  Maybe because I actually give my heart away to spring and am grateful that I can come out of my winter hibernation.  I really feel myself wake up as the days get lighter.  Don’t get me wrong, I adore evenings spent tucked in creating (spinnning, knitting, sewing, drawing…).  But those goofy shows like, Sound of Music, with Maria twirling atop the hills singing to the world… yeah, that’s me in spring.  Except you’ll often find me in my garden or capturing the joyful blossoms of spring with my camera.

In fact, that’s what I’d like to share with you.  I’ve been on some amazing journeys down photo lane.  How am I so lucky that I am finally able to capture the essence of a moment with my camera?

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Squash Blossoms from a *VERY* Happy Garden

Tonight I feasted on veg from my garden. I’ve 4 different types of tomatoes, volunteer pumpkins, lettuce, kale, and beets. The pumpkin plants began when I left a rotting pumpkin in the flowerbed and didn’t get all the seeds. Cowabunga! My whole garden has gone BONKERS. Tomatoes are 7′ tall AFTER pruning. The squash patch has completely covered my walkway and has grown to a 6′ radius. I’m still getting lettuce – in August!

My striped tomatoes are the first to produce (seen in the photo). They are amazingly full of flavor and ever so slightly salty! Very satisfying. I bought all my tomato plants at Whole Foods as 6″ starts. Heirloom variety. I’m saving these seeds!

So tonight I made up a recipe for stuffed squash blossoms:
1 pkg chopped Prosciutto
1/4 # blue cheese
A dash of maple yogurt (brown cow of course)
A bit of left over jam (mint, kumquat, and raisin)
1/4 cup of cream cheese
1 box of onion ring batter
Several Squash blossoms (preference)

Except the Squash Blossoms, Mix it all together in a bowl.
Put it in the fridge for an hour to “marinate”.
Stuff the blossoms and place on a cookie sheet.
Follow the instructions on the onion ring batter and dip the stuffed blossoms into the batter.
Ever so lightly fry in a deep pan of olive oil. I prefer to keep the oil shallow.

*Note* I used 8 squash blossoms because that’s all that was available on my vine. I had enough stuff left over to make 32 blossoms. I think next time I’d add shredded zucchini and carrots to the recipe. It was a wee bit salty – could also use a little more sweetness.

I’m the QUEEN of dash and bit – especially when it comes to filling in the gap in a recipe or tossing in the “last bit” of something from the fridge. Experiment. You may discover something amazing!

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