Hello? Can You Hear Me?

Hi kids!

Did you know that today’s your lucky day?  My readers now can hear my voice.  Yup, my voice.  Thanks to entertaining Brit, StephenFry, I discovered AudioBoo.  Once I discovered he was using his voice (and excellently British accent) to proclaim his joy over the most recent Cricket match, I thought to myself, “That is just what I need to do!”

See, I don’t just want to sing to you alone.  I want to talk with you as well.  I want to give you a sense for the moment in which the song was sung.  I want you the understand the intonations of my voice.  I want you to hear me laugh or the cats meow as I record because it’s all part of who I am and who I want you to know.

Without further ado, I bring you chat & song from 2 weddings for which I was fortunate enough to sing.

Please note, I will post audio/song files on the “Sing” page of my blog.  So, if you’re looking for them and cannot find the post where you first heard them, look upon the “Sing” page.

Disclaimer: I am using my own voice & thoughts to bring this music to you.  I make no claim that I have written or composed this music, nor do I claim to be the original artist.  I’m just one woman trying to sing her joy to the world.


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