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Drinks and Tidbits with @KateBWA
Drinks and Tidbits with @KateBWA

On Friday, I was fortunate enough to have dinner and excellently simulating conversation with fellow foodie & former China travel companion @kateBWA at @tidbitbistro.   I’ve been following Nic on twitter for a few months and have grown to love the tidbit’s of knowledge he tweets.

Both Nic & John are wonderful people and were most excellent hosts.  They took time out to talk with us about their upcoming trip to Italy for the restaurant as well as their experience tweeting.  And, without exception, they offered wonderful suggestions whenever Kate & I were curious.

Miss Kate & I pretty much went to town.  Have you ever wanted to try EVERYTHING on the menu?  We did.  It was as though we could have stuffed our gobs with all the yumminess all night long.  And what made it easier to digest & consume all the goodness that the men of Tidbit make was the fact that we were able to order small amounts (aka Tapas) of food.  A little of this, a little of that….

Food moans and “Oh! Oh… Oh my that’s good.” popped out frequently stopping all pretense of conversation.  It was rather funny.  One of us would take a bite of, oh, say the CROSTINO CON FUNGHI and forget the fact that the other was happily chatting away.  Because it was… All. About. The. Food.  But, I mustn’t forget the drinks, nor the dessert!

I discovered Campari & Orange is a lovely aperitivi.  And the Peach Sangria-Tini was delish!  But, of course, we couldn’t do without a little nocello with our AFFOGATO AL CAFFÈ.  The food, drinks, service & company were utterly outstanding.  Again – Nic & John, I give you 5 stars!

To all my readers, please make time to try out @tidbitbistro and connect with them on Twitter.  You’ll be delighted by your experience.

One thing I haven’t touched on is how social media helped make this happen.  If it weren’t for twitter, if it weren’t for the continued tweets of fun food knowledge from @tidbitbistro.  I probably wouldn’t have a) gone to tidbit – it’s not in my normal range/area, b) have been so excited to meet/try the food they tweet about.   This is something that @filibertoselvas touched on in a call with me the other day.  Social media helps to deepen the relationship.  And after my second experience with @tidbitbistro, I must admit, I’m 10 x more likely to go back to @tidbitbistro because I’ve met Nic & John.

Social media has made people and things that were once unattainable, now within each person’s grasp.  I can now, thanks to things like Yelp, Twitter, and Blogs, be a food critic.  I can offer my opinion to anyone who wants to hear/read/search for it.  The playing field is significantly leveled.  My particular voice can be heard without having to jump through hoops or rely on another expert to value my opinion.  There is still room & need for experts, it’s just changing, evolving really.  I have many things to ponder & more to share with you along this topic on my new “professional me” blog: She’s The Golden Egg.  I’ll be using my drawing skills to help define social media trends, phenominon, feel, approach, and much more.  I hope you enjoy my new blog.

Go forth and eat, drink and tweet my friends!


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