Totally Tribal Fest 2009

I haven’t posted in a while and I apologize my dear ones.  I started another blog and have been tweeting plus adventuring like crazy!  I have much to blog about over the next couple weeks: spinning, dying, and much more.

I went to Totally Tribal Fest this weekend with the intention that I’d be taking a class from Gypsy Caravan.  However, the lovely I-405 traffic took our easy Saturday commute and tripled it.  I’ve no complaints though, because it gave me time to spend with my mom, which is always a gift.

Roosters and Dancers and Blue Sky --- oh, my!

Roosters and Dancers and Blue Sky --- oh, my!

While there, I was fortunate enough to watch several amazing dancers.

  • Rebecca Wolf-Nail perform as her alter-ego Banshee to music she herself composed.
  • Skin Deep was excellent – and delightfully improvized like their YouTube MedFest recording.  They were even fun & funny to talk with after performing.  We thought up oh so funny little routines to pull the “schtick” outta your you-know-what.
  • Hands of Kali wow’d people with their wicked & unusual swords as well as spiky bras (Aw, can I have a hug? Ouch, you poked me!).  Between the blonde (softer side) dancers & the dark haired dancers (hard side), they really made a great group!
  • There were 2 other guys who performed who I LOVED, but didn’t get their names.  The one with the bowler hat was un-believable.  Loved him.  That wee little smirk and amazing agility with his body was mesmerizing.  The other guy performed before me at Medfest 2008 – I think he’s from Spokane and he’s an EXCELLENT dancer!
  • Gypsy Caravan was delightful and graceful.  The feminine moves and subtlety of their dance was a breath of fresh air!

I also captured a bunch of the songs people were performing to using the Shazam app on my iPhone.  I created a Totally Tribal Fest 2009 iMix so you could enjoy after!  So, what songs are on the playlist?

I missed a bunch in the middle because I got caught in the shopping bazaar.  There I found lovely scarves & porcupine quills from Silk Road Tribal as well as some delicious Noir lotion from Howling Pig. I adore the lotion because it smells of rose & patchouli.  Yum!  I always like to stop into the Silk Road booth and say hi to Katherine.  She’s a fine lady and always has a smile on her face.  Finally, I must admit I did a wee bit of shopping around the Country Village Shops of Bothell.  There are some great little shops to grab a cuppa or a bite to eat.  Plus, you can find unusual items from stamping to antiques.  It’s quite the place.

The host of the event, Ottoman Trading Company, has one of the best stores around.  They’ve a studio, shop, and huge dressing room.  Plus, they carry Sharif Wear, a line of dance clothing I find comfortable, classic, and easily accessorizable for a performance costume.

I liked how much tribal there was at this event.  The dancing was feminine and powerful.  I noticed how much smaller the movements everyone made and what an impact that had from the audience perspective.  I actually enjoyed the dancing more when it wasn’t “pushed in my face” with harsh, huge, razor sharp moves. This event felt much more like a celebration of sisterhood in dance than a competition. Most dance events feel like someone is trying to “one-up” ya.  And that makes me weary and disinterested.

They’ve asked me to come back and dance next year.  Considering the atmosphere of the event, I think I could enjoy it more than MedFest.  And, that’s saying something, because Medfest has been my very favorite event each year.  If you have the time, inclination, or the interest, I highly recommend planning to attend Totally TribalFest 2010.

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