Kayak: Lake Union

Kayaked around lake union and toward Ballard.  Had a grand time and got caught in a circle of probably 100+ sailboats.  It was windy and hard work, but definitely worth the trip.

Crossing the lake through the sailboats was very exciting, especially when a few had to adjust their sails to recapture the wind.  Hearing the sails rip against the power of the wind and seeing them race from port to starbord of the tiny boats to ensure they didn’t tip was fascinating and thrilling.

Ever seen Gas Works Park from the water?  Amazing, rusty & industrial!

I highly recommend seeing the world from the view of a kayak.  It’s reasonable to rent a kayak for a couple hours and there are many places around the Puget Sound to rent kayaks.

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  1. There’s a protected little nook and cranny on the side of Gas Works, toward the U District. Great place to stop and eat lunch in a kayak on a windy day.

    I wonder if it was a sail race you got caught up in? Those happen a lot on Lake Union.

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