Style, Brand, Communication

I’m creating a new brand/image for my creations. I’m not sure I like the “feel” of my old blog. But, I want to know what YOU, my fabulous readers, think.

Which of the following do you prefer and why?


b. This Blog (




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One response to “Style, Brand, Communication

  1. AmyPinSeattle

    A – very dramatic and attention was completely focused on the one section that had the video. B – I like the white background. Had the serene feel, but the strategic use of color was great.C – I liked the first layout of the black background better than this one…maybe too much going on with the black?D – I liked this one a lot. Very green and serene, but the branch up to was a bit too Asian in feel which I don't get that vibe from you so it was a bit of a miss match.Just my opinion…and probably is in EXACT opposite of what everyone else thinks!!Amy

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