Designing Kniting Patterns

I’ve always been inspired to create real costumes from my wild cartoon pin-ups and random post-it sketches. Often, I’ll get a costume idea and I express the design through cartoons. It’s really fun.

In fact, my knitting circle saw me ditch my current project for my markers one knit night at Starbucks. That’s 3 hours of color work (or knitting avoidance as some might say)!!! I had so much fun I’d wave my hands about, giggle, and exclaim things like, “oooo… this is so cool!” To which, various knitters had to ‘check out’ my work. The ‘boys in blue’ frequent our Starbucks (I think it’s a regular cop hang out) and I caught a few of them checking out our “discussion/project work/my artwork”. Woot! Woot!

I’m working on 2 designs at the moment: Pucker & Stripe and Lamplighter.
The images above are showing Lamplighter sketches and below is my handspun yarn and fabric sample for this capelet/hoodie. Both designs feature small amounts of handspun, drop spindle yarn. I learned to spin in October of 2008 (~6 months ago) and I’m in love. It’s relaxing and so inspiring. I like that I can talk and spin and not “lose my place”.

But, with a drop spindle, I don’t often want to make ‘LOTS’ of yardage. I want quick spinning projects that are colorful and exciting. Hence, I also want a pattern to make something with my lovely handspun, otherwise I personally feel like it’s a “waste”. Others disagree and just enjoy ‘looking’ at their yarn. I’m on a “use whatcha got” in your stash kick. So, I’m inspired to create wild patterns with small amounts of fiber.

Thus… Pucker & Stripe and Lamplighter were born.

I will be offering both patterns on Ravelry where you can also watch my progress. So, stay tuned for more.

PS. School started again for spring quarter (one more quarter left!) So, like the last 3 months, my posts will be fairly sparse. I apologize. Bear with me though and this summer/fall will bring a bountiful harvest!


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