You Spin me Right Round, Baby, Right Round!

I learned to spin yarn a couple weeks ago. This is also known as whirling. It’s quite fun and relaxing. I truly don’t need another hobby, but couldn’t resist. I use a “drop spindle” and spin it all by hand. That’s right folks, no wheel.

I was searching for some batting/roving to play with and mentioned that to mom. She said, come on by, I’ve got plenty! And so, I went shopping in Peg’s Wildhair Studio. Well, not really in her business store, but her personal stash. And thus, I came out with… the gorgeous aqua, lime, and grape batting. I had to separate it all out, then draft (to make the final product a finer yarn). So I spent all that evening separating and drafting. I ended up with a small gift bag overflowing with roving! yay!

Over the last week and a half, I’ve been spinning that into yarn. And now, I’m done! The picture I captured is the day before I finished. I wanted to show the before / after of the roving to spun yarn look. I still have more to spin, a silk merino. But, it’s a bit messy – makes my black pants fuzzy like I’ve had a kitty rubbing up against my legs. Ha!



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2 responses to “You Spin me Right Round, Baby, Right Round!

  1. Zintradi

    the wife has been talking for a while about spinning yarn… we have a Kheeshond that she wants to spin its fur into yarn and make a scarf.If you don’t know why we would spin yarn from a kheeshond, just google the name and it’ll all make sense.

  2. Zintradi

    oh, and can you explane how to use a drop spindal?

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