How Doth the Little Fire Beast Mesmerize my Soul

I was invited to check out SeaComp (a mini Seattle Burning Man) with some very fun new friends. I went in costume – much like everyone else and actually felt my costume PALED in comparison to the rest of the crowd. Those of you who know me, know this is rarely if EVER the case. I am crazy. I am wild. I love costumes. And I looked plain at SeaComp. That was an experience.

It was really interesting to see how they set up the event – drinks, odd tents, dancing rooms w/ Trance type music. I was there once before for a Truth event which had a live band and was very cool too.

But, I felt out of place. Not because of costume, not because of age. Heck – there were so many men and women there in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s! I was shocked! No, I felt out of place because I didn’t enjoy anything but hanging out w/ my friends and watching the fire. I think I’ve out grown the “club scene”. It all seems so tired and boring. I don’t care to meet people at a club and find myself un-interested in flirting. What’s the point? Ho hum.

So, I hung out by the fire, watched it and took some photos. D kept throwing copper sulfate on the fire to get it to glow green or blue. It was wicked! And tossing the wood into the mouth of the beast takes LOTS of arm strength. It’s definitely not like shooting hoops. The target range is much tighter and your wood bounces back at you if you hit the wrong spot. I got to experience M&D’s very cool school bus and ate some yummy stew on the bus. All in all, it was a wonderful time and a great experience. Now I want a fire beast of my own!


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  1. Nederlass

    Aww, you’re so very welcome! :)Glad you had fun, and yes, hanging out being our people-watchingy selves was way better than the loud music and bondage performances. 😉 Those pics of the beast are stellar!Moah!

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