My Teacher told me I’m a Loose Woman! (a loose knitter that is)

Look out, Loose Woman!

So, I’m taking this “Toe Up Sock” class at my LYS. We were to make a swatch simulating “in the round” by carrying the yarn round rather than turning and knitting or turning and purling. So, I got my 40″ #2 (3MM) and knit my swatch before arriving to class.

Well, Mom has been telling me, “Oh that’s ok, you’re a tight knitter anyway!” when we talk about our sock class (we’re taking it together). And I keep thinking, “Huh?!” Must be how I knit when I was learning how to knit from her. I’ve lived far from home until recently. So, we haven’t had many chances to knit together.

Well, we get to class and the lovely teacher says, “Oh my, this is quite loose – we’ll have to go down at least a needle size.” I’m thinking, “Wha?” A 2 is already small – can you fathom holding something that’s 3mm in diameter? Well, imagine being told you must go to a smaller diameter. They put me on a #0! That’s 2MM. It’s like holding twigs! Smaller even!

And – even at that small of a needle size with a DK yarn (Sock Duet DeKay) my gauge is still larger than Mom’s and the other ladies in class! They’re thinking I shouldn’t work with fingering weight for socks as it probably won’t be tight enough for comfortable wear. Wow! Little did I know, I’m a Loose Woman! Shall I start a “Loose Women” group on Ravelry now? Hee hee!


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One response to “My Teacher told me I’m a Loose Woman! (a loose knitter that is)

  1. Erssie

    I am a fairly loose knitter, and yes I can use fingering weight yarn for socks and if I need to compensate go down a needle size O~R, I just cast on fewer stitches.I don’t think a class teacher can tell you you can’t knit with a certain yarn. They can only advise what is best. And so what if your gauge is a bit looser than normal, in fact, most inexperienced knitters knit too tightly and people who knit evenly and professionally tend to have a looser knit gauge.There is no such thing as ‘normal’ gauge, everyone is different and gauge is just a guide to help you make the right size, it doesn’t matter what size needles you choose as long as you match a gauge on a pattern.I have knit socks from 2mm up to 3mm, those are normal sized needles ot get a sock you can fit inside your shoe….othewise a DK sock yarn is going to be a bit too chunky and more of a bed sock

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