Kayak through the lilly pads….

M & I went out Kayaking yesterday morning. We waited in quite a line, say 20 min or so.
We spent 2 hours on the water. We kayaked from Portage Bay, through the Montlake Cut, and all through the Arboretum. It was really lovely, some spots of the waterways were quite shallow.

Now here’s the bit of beauty. I ROCKED this trip – I’ve got serious power on the water in a sea kayak.

I’ve not been terribly active as I was through college (in those days I did overnight kayak camping on Blake Island and the like). When I moved to Detroit in 2001, my extensive outdoor activities came to a screaching hault. UGH – the weather there was nasty both summer and winter. I was totally out of my element. When I moved to the ‘ham, my activity picked up a bit – regular hikes, cycling, but no kayaking. Recently I’ve been swimming once or twice a week plus a bit of walking. Nothing strenuous.

Now M on the other hand is quite the avid swimmer. She races and has been on several teams. In my opinion, she’s in significantly better shape than I am.

Guess what!? I kicked her butt! I wasn’t even pulling hard and I had to constantly stop and wait to make sure she didn’t get left behind or slapped up against the walls of the cut (I’m very protective of my friends). Don’t get me wrong, this girl can definitely hold her own – 1/4 Iron Man, Danskin Tri, and Marathons. But, for me, little ol me, to be able to do something athletic (non-dance) so easily and effectively was thrilling and amazing to me! I’ve got to do more kayaking. I think I’ll start checking out more rental places and maybe some day trips to finish out the season.

I’m feeling like a million bucks now!


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