Dawgs Dragin Tail

I was invited to the UW vs. BYU game last Saturday. Mostly, the game was fun. My coworker and I had fun chatting, I crocheted a bit on my Cecilia Chemise, but dawg gone if the Husky receivers were not holding up their end of the bargain in this game.

There were moments when the team had it together. And Jake Locker has quite the arm on him. Honestly, he made it look easy. But the receivers, Ugh! Either they just had butter fingers most of the game or the BYU offensive line was just THAT good. It hurt to watch them after going through my era of Huskie football with names like Huard, Looker, and the older Tui. Yeah, Looker may not have been as famous as the other two, but they make my hometown famous, so I gotta give them props.

We decided to wander back up through campus before driving home. So, I showed my coworker the vista designed around Mt. Rainier. (look at the photos) And we were surrounded by BYU fans the entire walk back. Who knew so many would be there? Do they reside in WA? Or did most of them travel for the game?

Being back on campus brought back such nostalgic feelings. I miss school. I miss the city. Keep your fingers crossed for me… I’ve applied to go back nights.

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