Geek Band – BBQ 2008

“And the band played, songs that we had never heard, but we danced anyway…” – Deana Carter

The band I’m in performed on Thursday for our annual barbecue. We enjoyed ourselves and made a few goofs, but all in all, everyone enjoyed the performance. In case you didn’t know, I’m the lead singer. We just added 2 new members between our U. Way performances and the BBQ. We now have the most ROCKIN drummer and an amazing keyboard/pianist. We tackled some very challenging songs – heavy guitar parts, leading bass, blues, country, folk – we tried to reach a little slice of everyone’s musical tastes.

Sadly though, our recording is less than stellar. We had fantastic equipment, but the recording was last minute. So, no videos or sound. 😦

Set List:

Set 1—
1. Keep Your Hands To Yourself (not recorded)
2. Little Green Bag (not recorded)
3. How Sweet It Is (not recorded)
4. Stuck In The Middle (not recorded)
5. Safety In Numbers
6. House Is Rockin


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  1. Anonymous

    who’s that cute guy playing bass in the black shirt with the glasses on the right hand part of the screen??????

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