"And She Had Stars In Her Eyes…

… As She Bid Him Adieu!”

I had an “art date” with a fellow artist friend of mine. When I arrived, her husband, an amazing baker, made us dinner – burgers with mozz, tomatoes, and home-grown basil. Delish! Then, as I discovered, my friend is quite hooked on the Olympics and has been catching them at her neighbors place. So, we caught a few olympic swim races – Mens 1500 and Mens 400 IM Relay. Wow! Way to go boyz! Honestly, I’m super glad Tunisia won the 1500 and super psyched about the US winning the 400 IM relay. Phelps was AMAZING!

But, I digress from the art at hand. When we got down to the business of arting, I was introduced to her studio/her husband’s gaming space. They have decided not to “paint” the room (new house to them and they’re working wonders as the make improvements). As such, they’ve offered each of their honored guests an opportunity to draw or write on their wall. So, I snagged a pencil and was searching the walls for inspiration and the “right” location.

Turns out, I was inspired by her Shakspearian quote. I sketched this lady peaking out from the words bidding each person farewell as they depart the door of the room. And, as I was divinely inspired, I wrote about the stars I drew in her eyes. My friend gave the final word approval as Adieu doesn’t translate from French to English with the same finality as Farewell. As such, the woman I drew is “giving a parting gift to the man she’s so much in love with, yet knows she will merry meet him once again!”

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