PDA – Public Display of Art

I’ve taken to sketching in public. It’s really fun to get “lost” in the crowd. Yesterday I was at “the Mall” getting some style back into my recently lifeless hair. And, I decided to go for food at N-Cafe. Always a good choice.

So, I’ve been working on the seductress look in my sketches lately. And my recent inspiration is slightly bored, letting her cig slowly burn down while she waits for you to make your move. *Sigh* I’m working on some really silky looking hair. And covering one eye is a MUST.

The waitress was a doll! She admired my sketches and promptly asked me to sketch her. I learned that she’s talented in crochet while her sister makes amazing jewelry. While I don’t feel ready to sketch someone in front of me, I’m happy to sketch for someone. As a parting gift, I drew on the “thanks” card given at the close of every sale. If you look at the smaller sketch in the image to the right, you’ll see the hair style/face view mimicks the “Cigarette Seductress”. I’m totally having fun with it!

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