Hot Rod a Rama 2008

Clockwise, starting w/ top L: Larry’s rig pre paints/ink, pin-up inspired by my hair-do & amazing car @ the show, T&A all at once pre-water/ink, Dave’s gasser inspired by Dave’s posing!

Hot-Rod-a-Rama was even better this year than last! I spent the entire week+ before the show making 5 shirts (2 for B(an)3 and 3 for me). It was rather cold on Friday and I just ended up wearing my cute.a.full psycho 60’s skirt w/ Grandma’s tatted lace. B(an)3 went nuts over her shirt and wore it Fri & Sat. It fit amazingly! Way to go Amy Butler – I’m now a convert to her patterns. Saturday I wore my cirque sweater, flowers & aminal print (yes, I know I wrote aminal), with my skulls and flames princess seamed tank beneath. Unfortunately I got so jazzed about photographing the cars for future inspiration that my camera battery puked before I got any photos of my outfits.

But, Saturday I picked up my pencil and A2’s and went to town sketching. I ended up meeting some interesting guys – got to ride/drive some cool cars and had PLENTY of amazing inspiration. My hat’s off to everyone who worked so hard to build/mod/create their cars for this show. I’m inspired. There is SO much creativity invested and these folks have such artistic eyes. WoW!

This weekend there are a couple fun things happening – Lifter’s is putting on South Tacoma Alley Rally and also the Seattle Tattoo Expo. I may be attending both. I’ve never been to a tattoo convention and have recently been very inspired by tattoos. Yes, for the first time in my LIFE, I have considered getting many different tattoos. This, my friends, is a first. We’ll see if I still want one a year from now. It’d be very cool to do some for dance – you know, undulations and all.

Then, in a couple more weeks the IT geek band will be performing for the annual BBQ. We’ve got a set of 12 covers – my fav being the Big Momma Thornton version of Hound Dog. So, now I must come up with a costume of a sort, being the lead singer and all. Plus, for our U.Way performance I dressed as a Bond Girl (yeah, I’d just transferred to the division and within a week was performing in the band – shy, me?). I’ll be recording the performance w/ my camera and plan to see if anyone else has a good video recording equip.

Oh yes kids – it is a BUSY summer! Did I mention I’m also growing a veggie garden with 6-8′ tall tomatoes and mass amounts of pumpkins for fall? Never dull, never dull.


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