Flash Back to Cornucopia Days

Flash back with me to the weekend of July 11th and 12th. Kent annually holds Cornucopia days and Saqra’s Studio performs 3 shows between Friday and Saturday evening. I was fortunate enough to be part of the Alahad Shamal troupe performances, the QP Dolls (Nika & FuFu) duet, and have 2 opportunities to solo. It was fabulous!

The crowds really got into the performances and joined in the fun clapping and learning how to Zaghareet. Above is a photo of my first Solo performance. I mixed 3 Wade Robson songs together – had to have “Power” for the exaggerated breathing moment.

We QP Dolls, Nika (in pink) & FuFu (in red) choreographed and performed our duet to “L’ombellico del Mondo” by Jovanotti, a most amazing Italian rapper! The song title translates into “The navel of the world”. I mean, how totally appropriate for 2 Belly Dancers.

For those who haven’t been entertained by the QP’s, it’s all about who can outshine the other! We are a slapstick comedy, maybe slapbelly 😉 is a better term, routine while still executing amazing bellydance moves. As you can see from our photo on the left, Nika is showing how wonderful she is, while I look on with that, “Oh you!” expression. We very much enjoy performing and making our audience laugh!

And Shakira’s Envy (our affectionate name for the number) was performed with any interested students from Saqra’s studio as well as both of Saqra’s troupes. It’s a fun bellytechno number that really gets you pumped to dance. And Saqra’s choreography is always fun – plenty of hip snaps into turns. Saqra is a wonderful teacher who entertains and explains the history of the moves/dance as she teaches you. I highly recommend taking classes or workshops from her! Check out her page at www.saqra.net


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