Delinquent Darling!

Hello – it’s been FOREVER!
Why you ask?

One of my cats was SO mad at me for not spending more time with her… (yes, cats have personalities and express their anger) that she pissed on my purse while it was on the counter. I did not discover this wonder of wonders until I had gotten in my car. While driving down the road, I reached for my cell phone and … disgusting!

Result – I lost my purse, camera, nearly lost my iPod, and lucked out that both my personal and work cell weren’t severly damaged. So, now I had the fun of being able to pick out a new camera. I’m trying the Nikon CoolPix, but the LCD is SO grainy! I’m not really happy with it. So, I’ll be returning to the big C. I’m going back to Canon’s. Photo quality is MUCH better. Plus, with trying to capture photos for ETSY and such, It’s got to take better low light quality photos.

So, what’s the haps?
Costumes for Alahad Shamal and my duet with Nika (6/7 @ the Moonraker).
Plus working on Bananan’s T-cardi from a Lucky 13T.
Cleaning out the studio: getting rid of old fabrics and junk. Trying to get my cutting table set up (right height and shape)

Dancing: Alahad Shamal performed last Saturday at the Library and it was a HOOT!
6/7 = Nika & FuFu debut at the Moonraker
Mid July = Kent Cornucopia days
Late July = Med Fest.

Be sure to stop by at Med Fest – the Pirate Queens of Wild Hair Studio will be there again this year with some WONDERFUL new pieces (see the pic above) – jewels tribal and caberet, vintage pieces, dreads, and much more!

Drawing: Working on an Alice in Wonderland themed party invitation for my 30th. Been looking into places to scan and print my artwork so I can sell it on ETSY! Yahoo! Anyone know about copywriting your art?

Le Jardin: Tomatoes, 7 different kinds of Lettuce, Beets, Radish, Garlic, Sunflowers, Sweet Peas, Zucchini… the list goes on. Picked some of my irises and have thoroughly enjoyed hanging laundry out to dry. *sigh* It’s so peaceful to enjoy the outdoors and watch my linens blow in the afternoon breezes!

Hope to have some photos soon! After the camera exchange.

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