Riding the Bull Results in the Latest Gwen-ism

Hit up the Seattle Roadster show this weekend. The reason I like to go is, like “S” said, for the paint jobs. Most inspiring. But, I must admit, that hot rods are truly my favorites. Rough -around-the-edges, take-no-prisoners, The-F*ck-I-will, smell-my-burned-rubber, plug-your-damn-ears-cause- I-drive-a-RAT-ROD-and- I’m-cooler-than-you-and-all-the- money-you-just-dumped-in- your-fancy-dancy-stock-esque-car types.

Then, at the end of the show (after I ran into an old friend from High School) I rode the bull, which was set up in back on the top floor. After Bananan said she couldn’t ride cause of a moving injury, and I asked her, “Do you want ME to ride the bull?” Her face lit up like 4th of July & I just couldn’t turn her down. Pay attention for the latest “Gwen-ism” and note Bananan’s entertaining narration.


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  1. Anonymous

    Who’s this banananan chick? She Rocks!

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