The Doctor is IN

I’m very inspired by the ratty bouffants of the 60’s. I just adored the latest version of Hairspray. John Travolta – amazing! But, I digress. I pulled a few magazine ads which I find inspirational. Physicians formula hair-do’s always make me want to get all gussied up and parade around in front of the boys. Wow, did I just write that? Dear me. How un-lady like. Anywhoo – I’m trying my hand at characatures. How can I make humans look like cartoons. All day long I look at people and see them as cartoon characters – their eyes, their walk, their laugh, their mannerisms. The world is my oyster – or my olive – or my octopus.

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One response to “The Doctor is IN

  1. Jenny

    You just gussy and parade all you want, my dear!The world is also your oinment…or owl.

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