Housewarming Hostess Gifts

Had an in-between the holidays Housewarming party. It was lovely. My house is comfortable with 15 plus folks gallivanting about. I made 2 gifts for each guest.

The first was an envelope filled with “Sweet Amber Rose” bath salts. I made the envelopes of this gorgeous Japanese plum blossom paper by folding and taping. Then, I used Epsom salts and added amber, vanilla, and rose. They turned out quite lovely and the scent I adore. But, my friend C. still thinks smells like those smell like an old lady. To each their own…

The second was a vellum envelope filled with orange Iceland Poppy seeds. I harvested them from my previous house. I adorned the envelope with these dimensional silk poppy petals and some combo of black snowflake cut outs and olive green 3D dots. The adornment is quite realistic of the actual flowers.

Everyone loved them and I loved making them. It was nice to feel more prepared for this party than most of my others. I think I’m finally realizing what things I can do and what I don’t give a snit about doing! That helps prioritize things for the party!


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