Remedy for a Bad Hair Day: Aunti Jani’s Flower

All Souls Day is my Auntie’s birthday. She can weave a tale like no other. I simply adore her! Lately, I heard she could use some bright and shiny pick-me-ups fit for a queen (though it’s the other Auntie who thinks she’s the queen!). So, I snagged a Wild Hair Studio vintage Swarovski crystal and some dusky black and brown velvet hydrangeas. Of course, I ripped apart the whole hydrangea in favor of petal play. Then, I put them together (with a few mini golden seed beads) and Voilà!

I must admit. This was amazingly simple. And rather satisfying. Tell you what, I will be using those monsterous beauties Momma (she’s Wild Hair Studio) calls crystals again. I just have to get crackin! Hello, can I glue them all over my body? I mean, can I stitch them all along the neckline of all my best shirts? Mom has one color called Volcano. When she unwrapped the vintage paper packaging and showed me, I promptly spilled my tea all over! I believe this is a color we call “Wet The Bed Red” in my family!

*Green Striped Towers of Goo*

I believe I must explain the green and white towers of goo. See, we went to O’Asian for Dim Sum to celebrate Auntie’s B-day. I was hoping for Almond Jello, but alas, there was not a jiggle to be found in the entire restaurant. So, I settled for the wiggly striped towers of coconut delight. And, I must admit, it was quite delight-full! It was something like the consistancy of jello jigglers crossed with cheesecake, but a little bit firmer. Yum!


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