Conservative Lady’s Interview Suit

I just interviewed for a new position that is internal to my company. For my interview, I wore a suit and shirt that I made myself, thanks to a bit of help from KC-MO Cherry and AR-WA Dana.

The Suit

Fabric: Navy pinstripe summer weight wool, Kaplan’s Fabrics

Jacket: I lost this pattern, but it was a simple combo from one of the major companies. For my first jacket, it allowed me a very simple collar design

Pants: #1038 Terrific Trousers from Purrfection. I took Dana’s class and was able to finish 3/4 of this pair of pants during the 2 days. Dana was a great help on fitting and taught us a new way to put in a zipper. Now I have a great basic block to make more pants from.


  • I’d put lighter weight buttons on the jacket. These one’s have a long shank and the metal clanked on the interview table all day (I’m so expressive w/ my hands, you know!)
  • I’d allow for a lower neckline on the jacket. My next jacket is going to be a shawl collar so that I can show off more of my lovely shirts!
  • Different collar. I love the collar on this jacket, but it doesn’t match any of the collared shirts I’ve purchased since making it. Dang, collar-less shirts only.
  • Interface the waistband. I thought I could get away without it – actually I forgot it in my haste to finish the pants several months ago (for some unknown reason now). I’ve realized that it’ll help out with much of the stability of the closures.
  • slit holes in the waistband for inserting the base of the hooks/eyes into the “wrong sides” of the waist band. I saw this on one of my ready-to-wear pants and the darn thing never comes off!
  • Boot leg, not wide leg. I feel like a bell with tiny little feet.

The Shirt

Fabric: Gold cotton quilting fabric with cream bias binding

Pattern: A vintage mail order pattern. Oddly, it was for a size 38 bust and I’m normally a 41, but this actually fit a little bit bigger. The waist is for a 30 and there was enough ease that at a 34 it didn’t suction like a sausage casing, nor did it ride up. I wore it all day!


  • I’d try this shirt in a knit or a stretch cotton. But, it’s really comfortable as is. Bows too near the bottom. I think this would be nice in a stretch or jersey wool as an over sweater.
  • Take in at the shoulders. This was a bit poofy at the shoulders and displayed my bra straps nicely when I wasn’t careful about keeping it tamed.

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