ME Reunion

Sunday I had a reunion with a few of the ME boys (mostly SAE) and Heidi. Here’s the shirt I designed and Re-Constructed for the it. I think it’s adorable. It was SUPER popular around U-Village. I passed out quite a few business cards.


* Vintage patch (a score at a local store) on the front
* Boat neck collar with purple lace
* Pinched and tucked sleeves

As for the reunion…There were about 12 of us and it was really quite fun. Everyone looked wonderful! Joe got married and is going to India for a while with his Wife. Sean and Andy are up in the “Muck.” Marshall is out wreaking havoc all over South Seattle. Will is married with 2 adorable children. Ferg has a cool bike – even rode in… I know I’m forgetting some people… and Heidi was prepared, as always, with FABULOUS photos of days gone by… I’d forgotten that she even took photos of drawings I did on the chalk board for peoples birthdays and such. Even though we gave her a hard time, I really thought it was cool to see the photos of days gone by. Ah yes, waxing nostalgic!


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