FuFu’s Pirate Queens

So, here we are! The lovely, the buxom, the ladies of the night! Ha!
The rehersal (a mere hour prior to the performance) resulted in significantly better photos than the performance itself. Sun Sprite was kind enough to test out her new camera on us!

We really did enjoy ourselves, despite the spittingly rainy weather! I think the moment I tossed the chocolate coins into the air and my view of them will be forever burned into my memory. Well, more accurately, my pressing thought, “Oh my God, will these bonk anyone on the head!?”


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One response to “FuFu’s Pirate Queens

  1. Jenny

    hotty, hotty, hotstuff! We were on Whidbey island for an EE bbq the day you had your big shindig. As we were waiting in the ferry line to come home, there was some rocking party on the beach complete with music and belly dancers! I was thinking of you!We’re off to So-Cal tomorrow. LOve yA!

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