She’s a Pirate!

Saturday FuFu and her Pirate Queens/Dirty Rotten Crew will be performing at MedFest! Argh, what? ‘Tis me! The Dirtiest and the Queenliest! Well, just as a Teaser, here’s the costume I’ve put together.

Just like a true Pirate, I was a scavenger!

Vest: I copied the vest from one I made earlier of Atira’s Turkish-Arab vests. I was at the beach with my machine and the vest, but no pattern. Then, I had to lengthen and bring up the fit to mid-bust. The original pattern is made to go under the bust, but I like to show a little less. Then, I added points in the front. The main material is pillow ticking that I picked up at Goodwill for a couple bucks.

Sleeves: The sleeves were a rayon remnant that I got a deal on from Pacific Fabric’s. I took the pattern from those by ripping my 55″ wide x 1.25ish yd fabric in half. The cuffs are my favorite part. I had this LOVELY old pillow case that just ripped up the middle one day. It was one for which a family friend had croched the lace edging. I just couldn’t bear to part with it. So, cuffs the edging became!

Aqua Skirt: This is my absolute FAVORITE dance skirt! This skirt is by Birch Street Clothing. I made it years ago and stole the fabric from my mom’s stash, a lovely splotchy, wrinkly rayon. When I made it, I thought the hem would NEVER end! But, it has been with me since long before my Detroit and Columbus dancing days. This is one of the first “grown-up girl” pieces I ever made. Take the time to make one. You won’t regret it. I’ve made it in quilting cotton to be a green fairy and it stood out like a can-can dress. I think it would be fun to try in a light weight, perhaps tropical weight, wool.

Cream Skirt with Shisha Mirrors: This is a find that I cannot take credit for. My mom found this for me somewhere. And like most of the things she gives me or makes, she’s years ahead of the trend. So, I think, “oh, that’s really cool! I love it.” Then, I put it in my closet or hang it up to admire and it doesn’t get any use for as much as 10 years. Then, one day I’ll be digging around in my stash or feel like dressing up for something, and I’ll discover just how genious my mom really is. So, this skirt has been with me for probably close to 5 years. I was going to make the pirate sleeves from the skirt fabric, but I couldn’t bear to cut it up. There are a lot of mirrors sewn onto this skirt. So, all I did was rip the center back seam out. Then, I use the existing drawstring waist and tie it over my spiral skirt. Then, in order to get the poofy, panniers-like look, I tuck each bottom edge up and into the waist of my skirt.

Holster Belt: Then, I top it all off with a holster belt I picked up at the Yard Dogs show at the NightLight. You shouldda seen my neighbor. She thought I was nuts! But, as always, her next phrase is something like, “If that’s what makes you happy…” We had a kick and a half people watching at the show. Then, I wore the belt the whole night and ran around hanging onto the d-rings. I mean, if there’s something to hang onto, then you do, right? That’s why belt loops were invented, eh?

So, once the show is over and the photos collected, I’ll drop a photo of the final costume. You’re gonna love it! Hope to see you at MedFest!

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