Stroopwafels and the Raffle Shirt

I love Stroopwafels. Mike just brought some back from the Netherlands. mmmm…. They are filled with maple syrup or caramel and smashed together with thin waffles that are similar to ice cream cones. “Ahm-yum-mrf-rem” That’s the sound of me eating this one.


It is LOVELY! It started out as a size large and worked it’s way into a size small.
Material: One Large Cotton short sleeve PTC T-shirt, One size 12 Cotton Lycra striped button up shirt
Pattern Inspiration: DvF famous wrap/trench dress, Zac Posen orange dress that Kate Bosworth is wearing in Vogue, Business Appropriate attire for an engineer that is still fashionable
Design Elements: Cuffs from button up, puffed sleeves at cuff, gathered sleeve at shoulder cap, deep v-neck with gathers under bust, gathers at front shoulder seams, corset-ish fitted midriff (bust to hip), logo on the left hip (used to be on the left breast).
Make Again? Yes I would make this for myself next time.
Modifications for Next: Start with a size XL or XXL T-shirt with LONG sleeves, wrap the T-shirt material at the cuff rather than gathering, extend the cuff to end at the top of the forearm rather than the bicep


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