Ruby Dance Skirt & 1+3 Top

Oh did I ever have fun this weekend! I made a practice skirt for dance.
It flits and flutters to my hearts content! I’m wearing it tucked into my hips at each side. The full length hem actually hits at my knees.

Material: light nylon knit
Print: Pucci print in pink, grey, black and white
Pattern Inspiration: Designed after Ruby’s brown dance skirt
Design Elements: U-shaped hemline, skirt front/back built in side seam godets, spiral ruffle at hem of skirt front/back, shaped yolk
Make Again? Absolutely! The fabric was the perfect choice: light and drapey. The side fullness flips forward and back when I snap my hips. This is perfect for Belly or Latin dance.
Modifications for Next: I would lower the hemline 8 inches, reduce the waist measurement by 2-3″, add a 1/4″ or 1/2″ elastic, try a point at the side seams rather than a rounded edge

*I just found out Ruby bought this skirt from American Apparel. How did they design a dance skirt and not even know it!?*

1+3 TOP
I made this top months ago. Enlarged it at Kinkos after downloading from SISI. This always makes me feel sexy. I have it pulled up over my bust like I wear it in Dance class. When worn normally, it is “gathered” at one side and works perfectly for my short torso.
Material: light cotton nylon knit
Design Elements: Gathered at one side, that fun 80’s off-the-shoulder-show-one-bra-strap-I’m-too-sexy-look.
Make Again? Absolutely! I love this fabric and want it in other colors. It’s drapey and clingy at the same time. Like the skirt, it is perfect for Belly or Latin dance.
Modifications for Next: I accidentally cut one sleeve off and would leave it on next time. Oh the fun you have from not fully understanding someone’s design. But, that’s how I learn! Make a mistake, understand what it means and fix it next time!

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