VOTES PLEASE: Pink Leather Biker Chick Top

I did some research and found several tops I’d make into my pink biker chick top.

Leave me a post and let me know what you think.
Plan is for fuschia leather or metalic pale pink leather.
Keep in mind that my bike is pink too! 😉

a) New Look 6428

b) Neue Mode 23268

c) Neue Mode 23049

d) Marfy 8969-8547b

e) Marfy 1115b



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6 responses to “VOTES PLEASE: Pink Leather Biker Chick Top

  1. Malia

    My votes are NeueMode23268, Marfy 1115b.Very cool idea!

  2. Jenny

    How do you expect me to choose just one?! I guess I like New Look 6428 with a skirt (but the straight bottom not the scallopy), and Marfy 1115b with pants is very cute! Dunno, lady. Tough choice. You’d look hot in a burlap sack though.

  3. Rachel

    Hi!! Definitely Neue Mode 23268- sexy! The catch: you’re upper back will be totally exposed to the sun. If you want a little sun protection, then go for New Look or Neue Mode 23049- still sexy minus the burn factor.

  4. le vin

    NM23049 ‘a’-style corsetish cover is soooo rad! toss in some elbow length pink leatherette gloves and some fringed chaps – dude, you’re in the moneyyyy!NM23268 reigns in close, though; I dig the squarish neck leading to the flared low panels – hot hot hot leaning back on a bike.-L

  5. Anonymous

    My vote is for Neue Mode 23049 design B. – Becky

  6. Carla

    Mmm. NeueMode 23268. You look steller with the halter top. Although, I don’t care for the folded collar.

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