My new PJ Pants and Barbarella

So, here are my new PJ Pants! I just adore them.They are a little bit too low in the back, but that can be fixed. Next time, I’ll adjust the back a bit. The flannel is wonderfully soft and I love the boot leg. The first time I made this pattern, I made it into a work/dress pant, beautiful navy with light grey pinstripe. Plus, it had a waistband with zipper and button closure. The pants are a tiny bit big around the low abdomen and crotch. I’ll have to make some adjustments. I’d also like to try this with some stretch fabrics and no lining for work pants.

I’ve been reading Elle and Vogue lately. One of the movies that is influencing current fashion is Barbarella. I decided I should watch the movie and see what the fuss is all about. Oh… my… Gawd! I laughed out loud! Cheezy! Corny! Way too much time spelling out for the viewer that Pygar was flying. It epitomizes the 60’s… love, sex, drugs. But, Jane does have some fun outfits. So, I pulled a couple photos from the latest runway shows. Oh my the designers are infatuated with Space Odyssey.

Oh yes, my new infatuation is I just printed the pattern and have selected my test fabric – pink zebra! Yeoww!


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